Introducing Meta What’s a metaverse?

Introducing Meta What’s a metaverse?

What’s a metaverse ?: CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta, which integrates our applications and technologies under the brand of one new company. Meta will focus on bringing health to life and helping connect, find communities and grow businesses.

What is a metaverse? Metaverse future specification of social media:

The metaverse will sound like a mixture of temporary online communication actions, sometimes expanded into three dimensions or exposed to the visible world. It will allow you to share amazing things with other people when you are not together – and do things together that you would not do in the physical world. The forthcoming clarification of the long line of social technology, too, is leading to a new chapter for our company. Mark then shared this idea with the author.

The current event explores how metaverse events can sound in the next decade – from social media, to entertainment, sports, fitness, career, education and business. We have also announced new tools to help people create metaverse, including the Presence Platform, which will enable new virtual reality actions in Quest 2, as well as a $ 150-million investment in in-depth knowledge to train the next generation of creators.


The Metaverse on November 16 elaborated on the work that has been done to build haptic gloves as part of its ecosystem. Meta says its Reality Labs unit has upgraded it seven times. Meta still does not guarantee the exact time required for the launch of the haptic glove. Building these gloves is a challenge that requires the development of new methods of scientific expulsion, notes the company.

Haptic gloves can be paired with a multi-player online VR headset. Also, Meta eyes will be used along with AR details as well. “While we are in the early stages of this release, the thing is that one day you will tighten the gloves with your VR headphone for in-depth information like playing in a concert or a poker game in metaverse, and in the end, it will work. with your AR details, ”Meta said in a blog post.

Video shared by Meta:

As shown in the video shared by Meta, the haptic glove produces the wearer’s emotions that mimic the weight and feel of real objects while holding it in place. The haptic glove prototype is fitted with breathable plastic motors called builders. These images are placed over the movement of the glove at the concert to bring the feeling to the wearer’s hand including the fingers. This is done with the help of microfluidics that control the moving air that moves the builders. Meta claims to create the world’s first microfluidic processor for this.
It is also said to work with advanced hand tracking technology to enable haptic gloves to pinpoint where your hand is on the scene, even if you are in contact with a visual object, and how your hand interacts with the object.

While moving the hand, the haptic holder sends instructions to the selectors in the hand, predicting the understanding of the essentials such as the shape of the hand and the parcels of objects (such as texture, weight, and stiffness) that meet the hand. .
“Currently gloves are made by collaborating with self-proclaimed engineers and technicians who work underground systems and assemble gloves mainly by hand,” said RL Research Process Architect Katherine Healy in a separate blog post. “We use semi-automated processes where we can, but producing these high quality gloves will carry the introduction of new production processes,” he added.

There are no plans yet for the commercial release of haptic gloves. The company said in a blog post, “While our release of haptic gloves will remain in the lab for now, we are amazed at the progress we have made and the conclusion we are showing about the world you can touch.”

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