What is Flipkart attempting to realize from the launch of Shopsy?

What is Shopsy | What is Flipkart attempting to realize from the launch of Shopsy?

Flipkart launched Shopsy, An app that will modify Indians to begin their online businesses without any investment. With Shopsy, Flipkart aims to modify over twenty-five million online entrepreneurs by 2023.
the product offered by Flipkart sellers, move across Fashion, Beauty, Mobiles, electronic and household, among others with potential customers via social media and social media, communication apps.
Entrepreneurs will register on the Shopsy app use  their phone numbers and start their business, So as long as they need access to a network of individuals that trust them, without investment, inventory, or supply management
Over the last few years, Flipkart has been committed to contributing to making direct and indirect employment opportunities across the country. Shopsy is launched to add that vision and supply extra earning opportunities for many enterprising Indians.

Now, anyone from any place will begin their online business with zero investment. additionally, we have Flipkart’s years of e-commerce experience for Indian entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs currently can apply Flipkart’s catalog, established delivery networks, and infrastructure to bring dependability and speed. These advantages can facilitate them enhance the top consumers’ expertise, that successively facilitates them grow their business,” said Prakash Sikaria, Senior vice chairman – Growth and proof, Flipkart, in an exceeding statement.
Many online users in India don’t interact online due to a key challenge – Trust.
Globally, ‘distributed commerce’ as a channel has helped solve these issues and has seen tremendous growth. Shopsy’s objective is to power e-commerce for communities and third-party channels wherever these users pay time/trust.

What is Flipkart attempting to realize from the launch of Shopsy?

The e-commerce platform hopes to popularise online looking among the growing community of web users within the country.
There are probably to be 900 million active web users in India by 2025, as higher adoption dashes in rural areas. people pay nearly 3 hours every day on the web, largely social media, communication, social media networking, and looking at videos. Online looking is barely within the cart of those individuals, the explanation being lack of trust and technical complexness.
Such hesitancy is current not simply within the rural area also among the old. Therefore the old within the metros and cities are solely technology savvy enough to use WhatsApp and Facebook.

How will Shopsy work?

The app permits users to form accounts and send catalogs of the merchandise on the market on Flipkart to potential customers through social network channels like WhatsApp.
Once the shoppers decide what they need to shop for, the Shopsy user will build the purchases on their behalf and within the method earn commissions that might vary from five to twenty-five, or maybe additional, looking on the merchandise class and price ticket size.
Picture this: within the smart recent days, ladies would visit residential colonies with baggage packed with suits and sarees to sell to housewives. These ladies would for the most part be salespersons of a frock manufacturer or storekeeper. benefit on an individual’s social network to widen its reach.

Shopsy vs Shopify


This is not the primary time that Flipkart is experimental with the social media, commerce model to widen its reach. Last year, it launched 2 Good Social, wherever social media influencers might facilitate shoppers in shopping for merchandise online through video-looking experiences.

According to a media report, the company plans to assist resellers with Shopify-like storefronts. However, Flipkart didn’t ensure this. The model of Canada’s Shopify is extremely completely different from what Shopsy presently offers. in contrast to Shopsy, which permits individual resellers to send product catalogs to customers. Shopify creates digital storefronts for sellers who send these links to potential customers through social media apps.

Building on trust

While India’s e-commerce sector has to this point been dominated by several giant firms. Social commerce is step by step paving the means for an additional distributed model that’s engineered on community, association, and trust. They may the business models that marketplaces and aggregators like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, and Zomato have in India

About Shopsy App


This app was launched to the app to assist people to begin online businesses with no investment. It also totally deepens e-commerce non-metros. Once the users can register on this app, they’ll be able to share catalogs of fifteen crores product that area unit offered by Flipkart sellers.

Products are going to be moved across classes like beauty, fashion, mobiles, electronics items  & home et al. with potential customers through well-liked social media & electronic message apps.

Users will register on this app with their phone numbers and begin their online entrepreneurial journey. Shopsy users will share catalogs with potential customers through well-liked social media and electronic communication apps.
They can also place orders on their behalf and earn commissions on every transaction.
Commission proportion can vary supported the category of products being ordered.

Benefits of Shopsy App

With few clicks, native entrepreneurs will use their networks to earn money while not creating any further efforts.
The process is extremely simple and doesn’t need you to manage the inventory, logistics, or shipping. Many different types of businesses online come logistical problems and trust problems from customers.
While getting on a replacement platform, customers have trust problems. But, Flipkart may be a whole that has established its name within the top marketplaces in  India. hence; it’s easier for very small businesses to over these challenges. Anyone with a social network on WhatsApp and Facebook will earn a good quantity by selling through Flipkart’s Shopsy App

How does one search and Earn on Shopsy?

Shopsy provides you with a platform wherever you’ll be able to simply log in, produce an account, and begin earning online. Simply the catalog of products across categories like fashion and a lot of, and buy what you prefer for yourself, your friends/ family, or acquaintances. Once you place the order on the Shopsy app, the product(s) get delivered to the address. The margins for that order (after your order matures) get attributable to your Shopsy account that you’ll be able to transfer to your net banking in one click.

Follow these simple steps to earn money on-line  Shopsy on-line looking App:

1. Browse – transfer the Shopsy app;  the biggest choice of product at the best costs & offers from Flipkart’s most-trusted suppliers across classes like fashion, electronics items, and more.
2. Order – Once you or your contacts like one thing, place an order on the Shopsy app. Our reliable Flipkart delivery systems can make sure that the client receives the order in seven business days.
3. Earn – we are going to transfer your earned margin to your account once the order matures.

Why is Shopsy India’s most sure on-line looking app?

Wide choice

Shopsy provides you access to over fifteen crores integer listings from Flipkart across categories like Fashion (sarees, Kurtis, dresses, tops, shoes, shirts, trousers, youngsters consumer goods & more), Beauty, Mobiles, Home, and a lot of – From the widest vary of Kurtis and Sarees to home and room product, Shopsy is your on-line looking destination!

Reliable Delivery

Reliability in delivery to finish customers at intervals seven operating days (with end-to-end tracking). Quicker and reliable doorsill deliveries using existing Flipkart delivery systems.

Trusted Suppliers

We have a one Lakh+ sure Flipkart provider base that has been engineered over the years to confirm complete client satisfaction.

Other edges of benefits Shopsy looking App

Transparent Returns/Refund Policies: don’t be concerned if your contacts don’t seem to be glad about the product. Because Our simple returns/refund policies can help to solve the matter. While getting on a replacement platform, customers have trust problems. Because Flipkart may be a whole that has established its name within the top marketplaces in  India.

Safe and Secure Payment Options

To position an order, opt for among simple payment choices like money on Delivery Service (COD), debit card, master card, internet banking, UPI enabled PhonePe, and more.

Stay Updated On the most recent looking Trends

look into the Learn section within the app wherever you’ll be able to verify what’s in trend. This can assist you to share higher collections along with your contacts. Start online looking at budget-friendly costs and earn cash with Shopsy.


 The Shopsy App is a crazy start-up by Flipkart, giving an exclusive opportunity to people with good networking. Because Personally, also I love the Shopsy app very very much. When you order place through shops App you get a specific amount on each order either shopping.

With this new initiative, Flipkart aims to learn over twenty-five million online entrepreneurs by 2023 through digital commerce. Shopsy is a significant boost to the corporate and its voters, and also the country and can be a significant success to eradicate the country’s long-standing problems of unemployment.
Besides, with the post-pandemic woes that have ousted many and weakened the stable financial grounds of the many people and businessmen. Shopsy has the potential to glow as a dreadful pandemic.

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