BISE DG Khan became beneath neath BISE Multan. But after the BISE Education Act, it was given its independence. Consequently, it began running on Jan 4th,1989. Moreover, it’s far now at once beneath neath Punjab Education. Most importantly, it does now no longer take any useful resource from the Government or Semi-authorities zone. Specifically, BISE DG Khan balances the finances with its very own strategies. Ultimately, it’s far unbiased in making guidelines and legal guidelines. However, after BISE Faisalabad, it’s far running on its very own expenses. So it indicates high-quality paintings in selling training in Pakistan.

Major Working of BISE DG Khan

Undoubtedly, BISE DG Khan works greatly. Similarly, it’s far acting the features appropriately. The primary obligations of this Board are the following:


Primarily, it conducts the Examination of all sectors of Education withinside the DG Khan district.

HSSE, SSE, and Language checks are beneath neath BISE DG Khan’s consideration.

Importantly, it can refuse the request for unlawful or unknown institutions.

Especially, it does now no longer take delivery of the packages of beneath neath Educational improvement institutions.

As it presents certification to Candidates.

Specifically, it holds a fixed up of dispensing awards and items amongst pinnacle candidates.

Furthermore, it brings the activities for Co-curricular sports via way of means of Boards of Sports.

For instance, it can hire the body of workers independently.

BISE DG Khan elects the officials at the eligibility and aggregate.

Further, it problems the notifications for the protection of Infrastructures of the Board.

The running approach of BISE DG Khan

The maximum vital approach of BOSE DG Khan is the time scheme. Everything ought to be finished in step with the schedule. Moreover, for greater achievements, it has made many different branches.

There are a whole lot of steps in doing obligations and not using mistakes. Therefore, for such high-quality paintings, it has designed a dedication sample such as:

  1. Committee for Name Correction
  2. Birth Date Committee
  3. Approving Committee
  4. Committee for Affiliated Inspections
  5. DPC office
  6. Appointment zone
  7. Money takes a look at and the stability committee
  8. Security Enhancing committee
  9. Issues checking committee
  10. Committee for Exam Conduction
  11. Committee for Exam Staff selection


Sectors or Branches of BISE DG Khan

Undoubtedly, it has an extensive device for protection. But additionally, there are numerous branches for analyzing the tiers of running. The listing is given beneath neath as:

  1. No cons
  2. Branch for Matric
  3. Fundamental research Branch (inter)
  4. Branch of establishment
  5. Sports zone
  6. Finance section
  7. Audit branch
  8. Inquiries zone
  9. Library
  10. Secrecy device
  11. Verification section
  12. Exam conductance Branch
  13. Computer Branch for records
  14. Confidential System

Administration or Management frame of BISE DG Khan

The tiers of admission or control frame are gifts withinside the patterned shape as:

Qualifications of DG Khan Board’s Top Employees and Duties

Most importantly, the device of BISE DG Khan relies upon the exceptional running of the body of workers. Especially the top officials carry out a chief position in protection. So basically, this Board additionally has a few legal guidelines and regulations. Such as the choice of personnel relies upon their qualification of them.

Chairman/Exam Controller: Primarily, the Controlling Authority appoints the CM

Audit Officer: A bachelor’s or CA ought to be the qualification of an AO. Specifically with the age of 22-forty five years.

Deputy Controller of Examination: understandably, a Master’s diploma or equal is needed for DC of the Examination.

Director of Examination: Master’s diploma is essential for a director. Otherwise, he/she can be able to now no longer be eligible for this post.

Assistant Secretary: AS acquires a Master’s diploma with greater than 60% for eligibility.

Superintendent: forty five% marks withinside the Master’s diploma and 60% marks in bachelor’s are essential for a superintendent appointment.

Assistants, Senior and Junior Clerks, and different Officers are beneath neath the primary control frame of BISE DG Khan. The complete setup works inside the shape of a chain.



I finish that BISE DG Khan is one of the excellent Examination Boards of Pakistan. Besides, the Western Education Authority is controlling this Board. Despite a small district, the overall performance of BISE DG Khan could be very professional.

For instance, independence offers it greater room for excellence. Consequently, it has to turn out to be a dominant zone of the Punjab Board. The spreader branches deliver a huge manner of spreading facts to a few of the college students.


BISE DG Khan mounted

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education DG Khan became initiated in Jan 1989. Camp Office of Dera Ghazi Khan board started out running withinside the Multan Board at that point, it became moved to DG Khan headquarter. Board of intermediate and Secondary Education, Dera Ghazi Khan has mounted beneath neath the West Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (DG KHAN) Ordinance, 1989 (currently revoked) out of Multan Board. It is presently being represented beneath neath the Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act, 1976. The Board is an unbiased academic frame with the command to make guidelines. It would not get any permit in-assist or any present from the Govt. or then again different semi Govt. office. It desires to create its very very own property thru the obligation of examinations and exceptional expenses.


BISE DG Khan is the fee of exam withinside the DG Khan locale, which includes neighboring city regions that are Muzaffargarh, Layyah, and Rajanpur. Consistently a massive wide variety of college students are tested via way of means DG Khan Board. The board offers the route of Primary, Middle, Ninth Class, Matric, FSC, FA, ICOM, and ICS checks, and their respective outcomes and supervision. You can look for date sheets, checks calendars, result declarations, and maximum current information in Urdu and English, most effective at UrduPoint.

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