Google Pixel Watch services have details about the new leak

Google Pixel Watch services have details about the new leak

Looks like there will be plenty of style options for Google Pixel Watch consumers.

Google is expected to make at least seven types of bands available via Pixel Watch. According to information obtained by 9to5Google, Google’s first smart watch will have many consumer style options.

The Pixel Watch itself will come with a single stainless steel case. The default box inserted will be the soft silicone strap shown by Google in many colors during I / O 2022. Some special bands will be sold separately, such as Apple Watch bands.

Finally, it is reported that Google is working on a Milanese style band Pixel Watch. It is said to have a stainless steel mesh with a magnetic clasp. There are no photos available for the band, but it is reportedly very similar to Apple’s Milanese Loop belt. Indeed, Pixel Watch will have its own patent exchange system.

There is also a link ring band for making Pixel Watch. It is reported that it will incorporate a solid metal design with rectangular connectors connecting each other. Depending on the production process, this belt may have a larger value.

The following are two different types of leather belts that will also be on the expensive side. They will vary in shade, one black and one light.

The most affordable Pixel Watch belt options will include fabric belts and extended belts. The last one will look like Apple’s twisted Solo Loop band, one piece. The fabric band is said to be very common with clasp mechanism.

It is not yet clear if all of these band options have been made into Google accessories. However, the Pixel Watch customer connector may limit third-party band options.


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