How to get call history of another Android device

How to get call history of another Android device

Android is one of the best operating systems on a smartphone. Most of the smartphone users like to use Android smartphones. Because these devices are very user friendly for users. It is one of the best open source operating systems. Now you can easily monitor your children( Track call history ) and loved ones with the KidsGuard pro app.

The most trusted and valuable monitoring app is Kidsguard. Most of the Android users like to use this app on Android. You can easily get the call history of another Android device using this app. You can easily track your loved ones with KidsGuard Pro android tracker app. I will show how to get hall history of another android device.

Features of KidsGuard Pro:

There are so many features available in KidsGuard Pro. But most of the Android users didn’t know about these features. Just try the following methods on your Android smartphone. The following features are the most premium Android features. But tracking call history is the most premium feature.

Monitor social apps remotely:

You can follow most social media apps on other Android smartphones. This is one of the best features of this app. Some people love to watch social apps on Android devices. This software helps to track social apps on Android. Just try this feature on your smartphone.

Parental control:

Most people like to control other Android devices. This software helps to control YouTube and tiktok apps as parental control. With this feature, you can view video history and search history on your Android smartphone. Just try this feature on your Android smartphone. You might like this feature. You can also receive notifications when you enter a specific keyword on the monitor.

Track location:

You can easily track your loved one’s live location on your Android smartphone. This is the most popular feature for all Android users. With this software, you can track the live location of your loved one anywhere. If you are using this app, you must try this feature on your Android smartphone. You can also get the Wi-Fi history of the monitored device. The location of the device will then be active.

Access phone files:

Smartphones hold the most important files. Because some people keep some secret files on their android smartphones. This software helps to view these files using this application. You can fully access messages, contacts and call logs from other Android devices, etc. You can access all files on your Android smartphone using Kidsguard pro.

Recording phone calls:

Recording is the most powerful function. Now it is easy to do it on your Android smartphone with this software. Just install and use the following methods on the monitored phone, then you can easily record all phone calls using this app. I personally like this feature on this app.

Take pictures

You can use your smartphone to secretly take photos on target devices. This is also the best feature of this software. You can take photos with your target device’s camera without knowing your target person. That is the amazing feature of this software. You must try this feature on your Android smartphone.

How to install KidsGuard Pro on Android

You can easily install Kidsguard pro on your target Android device using the following methods. It’s that easy. If you want to use this app, you must first purchase it before installing it. Because this is pro version and premium android app. Just purchase this app and proceed to install it on your Android.

  • First, go to in your Android browser. Now slide this option and download this APK file on your target Android smartphone.
  • Then install this apk file on the target device and login this app with your username and password.
  • Now turn off the Google Play protection feature on your Android smartphone.
  • Then turn on the system update service option on the target device.
  • Now use the following setting option on your Android smartphone.
  • Once the setup is complete, select Start Tracking on the target Android smartphone.
  • Don’t forget to turn on administrator permissions for this app on the target device. This is the more important step in this method.
  • Now you can easily track your target device.

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