No Skills, No Problems: Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

No Skills, No Problems: Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

The COVID-19 epidemic is not only a public health problem, but also an economic one. In the three months since the shutdown, more than 14 million Americans have lost their jobs and even more hours have been reduced.

If you are one of those people who has been affected by the epidemic and lost your job or seen reduced hours until you find it difficult to make a living, keep reading and find out how you can make money safely for your home.

Profits online are not new but limited to skilled professionals like coders, UI / UX designers, accountants, and similar jobs that require extensive training to perform. It is difficult, and as I say this, I understand what this is, to gain online without any prior skills or training to build a continuous income stream through online resources.

But there is hope. As more and more companies choose to hire temporary staff and offer fewer jobs, online hiring is more common than ever. I have compiled a list of such tasks that do not require a set of special skills and a little training to do it.

Here are 7 ways to make money online

Become a Data Entry Tool

Data entry tasks are simple and easy for beginners. As a data entry operator, you may be expected to perform a number of tasks that may include typing a set of data spreadsheets, writing pdf or image files with Microsoft. The voice. The scope of data operator work is endless.

Based on the ease of operation, data entry jobs start with a low $ 3- $ 4 low on Freelancing websites. However, as your knowledge and reputation grow, you will find better opportunities to pay anywhere from $ 10 and up.

Serve as a Customer Service Assistant

By 2020, two major trends are yet to collide: E-commerce and Social Media. In a report titled “Why Conversations Are the Future of Commerce” Facebook revealed that more than 35% of Americans have sent a business message about buying.

As E-commerce grows at an unprecedented rate, especially during this closure, consumers are eager to learn more about the businesses they work with before purchasing.

This means that there is a lot of space for customer inquiry managers who can answer questions on time and generate sales with excellent customer service.

Are you a good person, tech-savvy, and a good communicator?

You can try any number of websites that employ visual assistants such as Virtalent, 24/7 Virtual Assistant or Freelancer.

The virtual assistant job description may include a variety of tasks, including data entry, scheduling your client calendar, flight and hotel tickets, and any other work your client needs help completing.

The important thing here is to understand that you will be working closely with your client, and you need to make sure you can work with its calendar. This requires a lot of flexibility in your work plan, but on the bright side, VAs get a steady check.

Work as a translator for Money

I know I have promised to list jobs that do not require additional skills, but if you are one of the 20% Americans who do not know a second language, then translation jobs are a great opportunity for me not to include it in this list.

Bilingualism can take advantage of millions of opportunities to serve as an English teacher for non-native speakers, writers, or even a home-based call center user.

Complete the Online Surveys

Businesses, researchers, and government agencies use surveys to better understand their customers and participants. This often requires getting real-time survey results very quickly. This is where test sites come in.

You can register yourself as a researcher and earn anywhere from $ 1- $ 3 per form on these websites. However, be warned to take online surveys may be the fastest way to earn money; it will not advise you. Treat this opportunity as a separate frenzy in addition to your current work or one of the many celebrations you can do online.

Try Copy Trading for Money

Trading currencies, stocks, and options can be intimidating and appropriate. It requires a lot of training, learning about free markets, and keeping up-to-date information to understand the ups and downs of the market.

But there is a way to trade safely without being a stock market savant – Copy Trading.

So what is Copy Trading for Money?

The idea behind the copy trade is simple. Instead of choosing your own stocks and commodities to invest in, use social media tools to find professional traders who can copy their trade. So if your chosen expert shares 1% of his investment in Apple’s stock, you will also have 1% of your investment targeted at the same stock.

Web designers often use focus groups to test the performance of their websites. If you can follow the simple instructions and navigate the website, then website testing can be yours.

But before you start, here are some things you should expect:

Web designers are designing websites for ordinary people like you and me and they want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the website. Also, thanks to advanced testing tools, designers can also learn your behavior to find out how they can increase click (and sell) by changing certain features through the website. It is therefore natural for companies and designers to pay their target audience to check out their website.


The COVID-19 epidemic was severe for everyone. But if ever there was a time to pull it off with the proverbial bootstraps, this is it. I would urge everyone to use their best skills to benefit online. Ideally, try to work in two to three streams online until one of them proves to be a steady source of revenue. In today’s remote economy, not only is it possible to get your livelihood back on the internet, it is also possible to earn more than you would normally be at your regular job.

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