The Galaxy S22 FE has reportedly been canceled – and it’s not hard to understand why

The Galaxy S22 FE has reportedly been canceled – and it’s not hard to understand why

Do not start making plans for the Galaxy S22 FE. From the sound of things, the Galaxy S21 FE could be the last Samsung release to drive back some of the features in the Galaxy S flagship in exchange for a lower price.

That is the word from Sammobile at any time. The website states in a new report on the status of the Galaxy S22 FE (opens in a new tab) that many sources say the phone has been canceled.

“Our research has shown that the SM-S900, which could be the model number of the Galaxy S22 FE, does not exist,” Sammobile’s report said.

This is not the first time we have heard that the future of the Galaxy S22 FE is far from certain. Back in April, a post on the Korean blog site Naver also said the low-cost difference in this year’s Galaxy S22 flags is dead when it arrives.

In fact, at this point, it would be even more shocking if the Galaxy S22 FE starts working anytime next year than Samsung just unveils the plug. There is little reason for the FE model to be present now as Samsung has done a good job of holding the line at the cost of leading phones while strengthening its Galaxy A series.

A brief history of Samsung FE FE phones

The first FE phone – the Galaxy S20 FE – was a huge success for Samsung in 2020, offering many of the top features in the Galaxy S20 range on a less expensive device. You have a phone made of cheap materials and less powerful cameras when choosing the Galaxy S20 FE over the standard S20 models, but some features remain the same – especially the fast-paced display level and the high-quality Qualcomm chipset that power the phone. Holding the low cost of the S20 FE has been unreasonable for many consumers.

Of course, in those days, the price gap was huge between the FE and the standard models of the Galaxy S. The Galaxy S20 cost $ 999 at the start, so the $ 699 Galaxy S20 FE gave you the opportunity to save $ 300 out of much dedication to this process.

Samsung has since found a better deal for its mobile phones. Both the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 are priced at $ 799, which is only $ 100 more than the $ 699 price Samsung has set for its FE models. That is because of the less coercive conflict that favors the FE option.

There is also the issue of the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE window. The possible production delays caused by the Covid-19 epidemic have reportedly delayed the launch of that model. Instead of releasing six months or more after the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE in early 2021, the Galaxy S21 FE did not arrive until 2022. And within a month, Samsung was already unveiling the newest and most powerful flags of the Galaxy S22.

Galaxy A phones close the gap

While the initial price of the Galaxy S22 and the launch window created pressure on the FE models from above, the Samsung Galaxy A mid-range phones were pushing the FE below. Samsung has made significant efforts in producing mid-range handsets in recent years, packing a few premium features at reasonable prices.

The Galaxy A53 released this year is a good example of that. It offers a 120Hz update rate and excellent software support that comes with the Galaxy S lineup, while offering unique features like expandable storage. That is still a device that costs $ 449 – $ 250 less than the Galaxy S21 FE. No wonder we consider the Galaxy A53 to be the cheapest phone you can buy right now, at least until we get a chance to test the upcoming Pixel 6a.

With Samsung’s leading phones that include solid options for both high and medium prices, there is no room for a FE model to come in – unless Samsung had to re-invent wonderfully what the purpose of the FE device should be. Over the past two seasons, FE has become a less expensive alternative to Samsung’s price flags, but that role has now been filled by some of the best Galaxy A models.

Perhaps the biggest argument against the Galaxy S22 FE is that few people can seem to remember it if they never see the light of day. And that’s enough reason for Samsung to shift its focus to other phones.

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