BTS Photo: Jenna Ortega Demonstrates Wednesday's Test Braids 

For Netflix's Addams Family spinoff series, Wednesday star Jenna Ortega has provided a behind-the-scenes look from one of her early costume testing.

Ortega posted a picture of herself on Twitter in what appears to be a prototype of Wednesday Addams' Nevermore Academy uniform, 

along with the character's distinctive braids, though they don't appear quite as full as they do in 

the finished program. Wednesday test braids, she wrote, "nearly made it." 

On Wednesday, November 23, Wednesday had its premiere. 

The show is a "sleuthing, supernaturally laced mystery tracing Wednesday's years as a student at 

the odd Nevermore Academy," according to Netflix. Wednesday's attempts to control her 

developing psychic gift and stop a horrific killing spree terrorizing the nearby community