Jacob deGrom’s exit means Mets have money to burn

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The Mets' rotation now has a gap the size of a two-time Cy Young winner, but they have some extra cash to try to make up for it.

The top priority of the Mets' offseason, Jacob deGrom, signed a five-year, $185 million contract with the Rangers on Friday night.

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The Rangers were once thought to be one of Rodon's most likely landing spots.

Justin Verlander and Carlos Rodon are the top starting pitchers on the free-agent market 

The next tier of available starters — from which the Mets could choose in addition to Verlander or Rodon.

Last season, Bassitt accumulated a team-high 181 2/3 innings with a 3.42 ERA, making him the Mets' most reliable and healthy starter.

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