What is Google AdSense and how you can earn money with it

Make Money with Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a monetization program that monitors website by placing ads. You can play ads on a website, YouTube or blog and get paid when a user comes and clicks on Ads. The special AdSense code for your blog or website is used to generate ads for businesses that use the Google AdWords feed system.

Google AdSense is the fastest way to make good money on a new website or YouTube channel.

Benefits of Google AdSense:

  • Needs are really simple, which means you can easily meet these needs without much effort.
  • It’s free for everyone to create an AdSense account and make money.
  • There are several types of ads you can place to personalize.
  • Google AdSense pays monthly directly if you meet 100 $ Threshold.
  • You can also play ads on mobile devices and RSS feeds.

Google AdSense Result:

  • AdSense account will be automatically closed if you violate the Act.
  • You need to share your website or YouTube channel on social media to get Traffic because AdSense revenue just depends on Traffic come see and click on Ads.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to earn money from AdSense if the User comes again without clicking Ads back.
  • AdSense is a great way to make money but you need Quality in your content. If you think you can just earn good money without effort or with Copy and Paste then you are wrong. Here is the AdSense Program Policy.

4 types of Google AdSense ads:

1. Show Ads (Recommended):

Display ads are responsive and good. These ads automatically change to all Updates. Displays are also known as image or Graphic ads. They come in a variety of sizes. You can choose any size.

2. In-stream ads:

In-server ads are content-related ads. You can place these ads in the post. These ads are relevant to the content.

3. Ads in the article:

These also match your site and work well with posts and pages. You can also place these ads on your topic.

4. Multiple Ads (Recommended):

Multiplex Ads are known as Style Ads. There are many styles for these ads. These Ads enhance the power of the Website and attract the User who sees these ads.

AdSense payment process:

If you earn $ 100 or more each month, Google pays you a direct deposit or check. If your income does not reach $ 100 you will be deducted next month.

Be careful! Different countries have different Threshold. You can check directly in your AdSense account by visiting the payment on the left side of your AdSense account.

Tips for Increasing  Google AdSense Income:

  • Follow the Webmaster quality content rules and Program Policy. C
  • Be careful not to click on the ads if you are a login user, site owner or publisher.
  • Write trendy and high quality content with relevant keyword research and check its trend on Google. Here’s how to get started with Google.
  • Try to get organic traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is an effective way to get Traffic from different countries.
  • Use the Paid Theme and place ads in the appropriate section of the homepage of the website and the Content page. Do not use ads too much.
  • Also try to place ads in the three main sections. First, Title. Second, Between the home page and the post page. Third, The Foot.
  • Use the Beautiful logo associated with your Website Niche.
  • Monitor your results daily and read all the emails sent by the AdSense team.

Advanced level tips:

Once you’ve placed ads, you need to explore different types of ads. Then see which ads work best. Try out different ones and see what Eye-caching theme is and focus on the Color program. When your articles are standard on Google then start earning idle revenue.

Competitors Analysis:

This is a very effective and efficient method. See a competitor and make checks like his Backlink, traffic source, traffic value, domain authority, domain referring and keywords. You can do this directly using the ahref tool or hire someone on Freelancing forums.

Other advertising program:

There are many other programs that make money with a YouTube website or channel.


Many more you can see more posted on our website. My personal opinion is Google AdSense. There is no such thing.

How to increase your Google AdSense revenue or revenue?

Most advertisers trust Google advertising. To increase your AdSense profits, you can use the tips listed below.

1. Hit the odd one out

Some bloggers, as well as online advertisers, ignore the basic rules set by Google for AdSense users. Ad placement should be appropriate to maximize AdSense benefits. It is a mistake to place your ads correctly so that users end up clicking them – it will not help much. Asking someone to click on your ads is also an attack.

2. Organic Traffic

When you get traffic on search engines, Google AdSense ads work much better. It also needs to see where the traffic is coming from. In particular, UK and US traffic sources guarantee high CPC.

3. Website Development

It is an important factor that many bloggers tend to ignore. If you use a lot of ads, photos, and maybe videos on a website, your upload time may be affected. Even with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks making inroads, many users still face unreliable network speeds. Therefore, you should upgrade the site to ensure that it loads quickly across all platforms and browsers. Get rid of clutter and unnecessary content. This will ensure that your website ads get extra clicks.

4. Blog space

It seems that bloggers with niche blogs tend to get better traffic and increase Google AdSense revenue than those with more niche blogs. Select and work in multiple locations instead of jukebox information to get better traffic and earn extra AdSense revenue.

5. Important Content

Even if you place your ad in the best position and in full size, it will not produce the best results if you do not have compelling content. You need to know what interests the users who browse the page where you want your ad to appear.

For example, if you work with kitchen utensils, you can place your ad on cookie-related websites; If you work with car parts, you can place your ad on automotive-related websites. The ad for automatic parts placed on the cookie page will not be profitable. That’s why Google bots check your content to see what your ad is about and ranks it according to your site theme so that your ad stays with the readers of the page.

6. Google AdSense Ad Size

Larger ad units work better than longer, thinner units. Horizontal ads are better than vertical ads. These ads help students to learn better with a consistent reading pattern and are therefore easier to read. Extensive ads bring a higher level of clicks.

If you put specific ads on your site pages and do not get the results you want, this could be a reason. Try switching individual ads to sites and see if they perform better. If you see good results, go the extra mile and change all your ads one by one. The best sizes for your ads are:

Responsive ad units:

Large Rectangle (336 × 280)
Medium Rectangle (300 × 250)
Skyscraper (160 × 600)
Leaderboard (728 × 90)

7. Ad placement

You should place your Google adsense ads where they can be most visible. Ask yourself where your ads will get the most attention. It is always best to place your ad next to something users can click on. Do users on a particular page of your ad click the contact buttons or share buttons or elsewhere? Analyze and place your ads near these places.

If you are unable to analyze these areas, place your content next to page content and over wrap. Users usually scroll down to the bottom of the page. They can simply browse and browse if the content is not of interest to them. Therefore, you may lose these visitors if you place your ad on the floor.

8. AdSense heat map

When designing a site to use AdSense, consider an AdSense heat map. This will ensure that you can create AdSense-themed themes to increase AdSense earnings. Sizes such as 160 × 600, 728 × 90, and 300 × 250 are some of the best sizes in this regard.

9. Use relevant ads

Remember that AdSense, after all, is a contextual advertising network, which works based on the content of the ads used by users. This means that the ads displayed in this way must be relevant to the content on the website. Adding a few lines of code before and after content to direct ads to content is also helpful.

10. Type of ad units

Google AdSense ads must be included in the content of the site. Bloggers often ignore the importance of link-based ads. They do not look like banners, but are also suitable for CTR. These ads can be tied to the header navigation bar. Both text and image ads are effective when used properly.

11. Mixing

The ads on the website should match the theme in terms of design and color. If it is extremely attractive and glamorous throughout the page, that is not a good thing. But it should also stand out from the rest if you want users to notice it and click on it. You can mix and match the same colors and match in a balanced way. For example, you can use text color and font style in your ad to match the content on the page and let your ad background and other features stand out.

12. Section Blocking

Check that any category that does not work properly, you can block it. It is now much easier to find the type of ads that work best with the category. This category lock feature is very easy to use and can help increase your revenue. It is recommended that you block categories with a positive percentage but a low winning percentage.


As you can see the different ways to earn money with Google AdSense. In my opinion the main requirement is Quality Content, Traffic and Good User Experience via the Website. Your investment is to start a blog, Learn something and write to Google. With the arrival of traffic then apply for AdSense Authorization and I hope you will get approval. If you have an AdSense related problem feel free to Contact Us. We will be happy to solve your problem.

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